Below is the list of changes we have made to Trackiem. Changes are ordered by the date it was released, latest being first.

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Latest changes

30th Jul, 2020
💎 New Features
  • 🧙‍♂️ Checkin wizard is now live! Checkin wizard is your one stop interactive way to complete ALL your active checkins. It has smart suggestions and a bit of wizardry built into it. Give it a try now!
  • 1st Jul, 2020
    🏋️ Improvements
  • Reminder for trackers of same frequency can now be combined into a single e-mail with a preference update. For example, instead of the previous way of one reminder email for each daily tracker, now - if you choose to - you can receive all your daily trackers' reminder in a single email. This feature is Turned ON for all the users by default and can be changed from Settings.
  • 29th Jun, 2020
    💎 New Features
  • Default answers is now live! Now you can set a default answer for your checkins until overridden. You can also set default answer for your existing trackers, this will have effect for all future checkins going forward. Try it out by creating a tracker
  • 24th Jun, 2020
    💎 New Features
  • Added a new Settings page. You can now change your password from within the app.
  • 🏋️ Improvements
  • Display the email address used to sign-in in the navbar dropdown.
  • Added a link in active checkin boxes to their Tracker page for easy navigation & to quickly peek at the Tracker.
  • This changelog here! Added a public changelog to continually publish all new updates made to Trackiem! 🎉
  • 🛠️ Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where for certain users incomplete trackers were being loaded in "All Trackers" page
  • That's all folks!