June 2020 update and what's next

Published on Jul 1

June was a fantastic month for Trackiem. For starters, Trackiem finally got out of the Private beta.

After several weeks of feedback, improvements and changes later we finally launched into Public beta 2 weeks ago. I'd like to take this moment to Thank all of those who have been trying Trackiem since Private beta and for their wonderful feedbacks.

The launch went pretty well, and few hundreds of users have signed up for Trackiem and have been using it continuously. The launch primarily happened on ProductHunt and Hacker news. Since the launch, new features are being added continuously and this is a small recap of the features we launched this month.


We have now setup a public changelog to publish all updates happening at Trackiem. This includes all the improvements, bugfixes & new features that are being added.


Check out the changelog here 👉 https://www.trackiem.com/changelog/

Default values for checkins

We've also released Default answers. This was the most requested feature from our Public beta users, and we made it live last week.

When you're creating a Tracker, you can now set a Default answer (Yes/No for boolean, a number for times tracker type), which will be your answer to the checkin unless you override.

If you have reminders turned on for Trackers with default checkins, it will be processed as usual. The reminder will give you what the deafult answer currently is and a link for you to change it.

Default answer screenshot

Try it now by creating a tracker 👉 Create a Tracker

Combine reminder emails

Reminder emails can now be combined using a preference update. Previously we used to send individual reminders for each Tracker. Now, you can choose to combine all the reminders of the same time period into one email.

For example, if you have 3 trackers with reminder, without "combine" turned on you will receive 3 separate emails minutes apart from each other. Now with this preference, you will receive ONE email with all 3 checkins inside it.

You can update your preferences from our settings page.

What's next?

Following are the features that are currently being worked on and planned to be release in the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions / feedbacks, we'd love to hear. Let us know here

Guided Checkin process:

Instead of checking in from email for each tracker individually, now when you finish an active checkin you'll have an option to checkin for other trackers as well. This is now possible by visiting the dashboard, but we want to give a centralized flow for when you checkin.

On-demand frequency type:

Trackiem currently supports Daily / Weekly / Monthly as the frequencies for a tracker. We will be adding a new addition to the trackers, which is the "On-demand" type.

You can use this type for events that aren't recurring in nature but you want to track then and when it happens. Say for example you want to record whenever you get a headache, it is not a regular occurrence that you should receive a reminder about but at the same time you want to record when it happens along with the time, that's exactly what on-demand frequency aims to provide.

Reminder customization:

Right now reminders are sent at a standard 08:00 PM UTC, this new feaature will allow you to customize that and set your own reminder time in your own timezone.

On top of these big features, continuous improvements are made to Trackiem everyday. You can track them all from our changelog

With that we've come to end of this month's update. Thanks for trying out Trackiem and as always, let me know if you have any feedbacks / suggestions. I'd love to hear them.

Email to reach: vinoth@trackiem.com