Hello There 👋

I'm Vinoth, I built Trackiem.

Bit of a backstory for how Trackiem came to be.

I've always been interested about tracking individual pieces of information in life and finding patterns. Activities that lead to an outcome or outcome of certain activities become obvious when you start tracking it.

Existing solutions either focus too much on a particular niche or an outcome. For example, tracking your workouts, helping quit something, habit tracking and so on.

I built Trackiem exactly to solve that. Trackiem is built to be completely un-opinionated, by just offering the components that makes up a tracker and let you customize it the way you want.

💸 Trackiem is free to use during the beta period.

I personally hate products that lure you with a "free" tier then to eliminate it completely. I wouldn't want that here. My promise is, whatever features you use for Free today in Trackiem will be free forever for you!